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For more than 20 years, Liscor has been delivering specialized end-to-end softwares to National and International financial organisations.

In this context, Forward is the reference solution; focused on Business Process Management and workflow, it grants a complete functional coverage:

It’s a modular and integrated system, multicompany and multiproduct, that complies with all the administrative requirements in a multi-GAAP logic.

The multilevel architecture of the software (Group/
Country/Company) makes Forward ideal for the International Groups, who want a common platform that can handle the peculiarities of different countries.

So as to ensure cost effectiveness and maximize performance, Liscor adopts the most reliable enterprise-critical technology stack
ever available: J2EE, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and
Oracle on n-tier architecture.

Moreover, Forward solution is characterized by a BPM (Business Process Management) configuration,
which let preset the corporate operative processes
workflow and allows the analytic tracking of the transactions.

  • Sales force automation (Vendor, brokers, bank branches, ...), thanks to Electronic Document Management and a dynamic workflow logic for organizing the whole commercial process